The Latest Women’s Fashion Trends

The development of social media has completely changed the fashion industry and how we get aware from new trends and fashion. now due to social media development we don’t have to wait longer for paparazzi photos or weekly or monthly magazines to see what your favourite celebs and fashion icons are wearing these days. We just have to pay visit their Instagram or face book account, and we’ll immediately be caught up on every ‘outfit of the day’ and stylish sartorial choice. But with no page limits or printing times to slow things down, the bounty of fashion we see each month can be so vast and diverse that it makes picking up on fashion trends almost impossible. So to save you a whole lot of likes, shares, snaps, pins, re-posts and re-grams, we’ve waded through the masses of posts to bring you the latest women’s fashion trends.

  • Pyjama Dressing

Pyjama dressing has got a lot of fame and popularity from the past couple of months, and it’s easy to understand why. due to relaxation and comfort, and part sensual and daring, this trend is easy to love and carry. Whether you like a little more coverage, such as Olivia Palermo and her robe-style PJs, or lean more towards the sexy satin styles like Leandra Medine and Chiara Ferragni, there’s something in pyjama dressing trend for everyone. So go on and bring a piece of your night-time style into your daytime wardrobe. Just remember to do your hair and makeup, though. Bed clothes plus bed hair can take your look from stylish to disrupt in no time.

  • Sheer Black Lace

As we all know that white lace has its moment in almost every summer season, this month has seen its darker parallel take the fashion spotlight. If white lace reflects a kind of purity (we’re looking at you wedding gowns), then sheer black lace must convey a kind of vamps decadence. Its darkness combined with the flashes of bare skin underneath creates a striking look that is hard to ignore thus it makes you look and appear attractive and appealing that someone cannot easily ignore. To come over the wild side of this trend follow the leads of Anna Dello Russo and Olivia Palermo. A low hem, high neck and long sleeves, are all you need to balance this look with a little bit of lady-like glamour.

  • White Sneakers

Fresh, comfortable, trendy, stylish and downright cool, white sneakers are the casual pair of shoes of the month. Scroll through the Instagram or face book account of any model, blogger, celeb or fashion-lover and you’re bound to see them pop up. This unique style can be (and has been) worn with any outfit. Whether you’re rocking jeans and a tank top, cropped pants and a coat, or just a super-stylish maxi dress, white sneakers go with it all that’s why sneakers are the one of the latest women’s fashion trends.

  • Red, White & Black

Latest women’s fashion trends include the excess use of red, white and black colour combinations.