Be a Model of Good Fashion for Your Children

Teenagers, particularly those in their late teens, prefer to shop for their personal clothing. The styles and patterns of clothing they buy are often determined by their group of friends or are inspired by what celebrities see on television shows. Quite often, the styles and patterns of clothing that some teens choose to wear can not be very well tailored. Some parents may not feel comfortable in choosing styles and patterns of teen clothing, so some parents think that the only way for teens to use appropriate clothing styles and patterns are to establish a clothing rule for them. A few teens may adhere to the rules only when they are within reach of their parents, but once their parents are not at hand, they wear what their colleagues or celebrities detect on TV shows. The best way to get your teenagers to wear appropriate clothing styles is to set them a good example to wear them at any time.

Complement The Example of Your Styles and Clothing Patterns with Clothing Guidelines for Your Teens

One of the best ways to learn is observation. Most things children do are what their parents or other members of their families see. The best rules for clothes that parents can set for teens are the example they have established through their own styles and patterns of clothing. Children watch their parents dress when they go to work, at the mall, go around the neighborhood or attend any party. Your children will notice and respond in one way or another to their clothing styles. The impression you make on your children and the pride they have in seeing how you disguise will most likely follow the steps. If you take the initiative to establish a reputation and good culture in your family, it will be very difficult for your children to deviate from that good culture. If your teenagers are buying clothes that you think fit, use them as an opportunity to teach them, telling them why certain styles of clothing are inappropriate, and why you should not imitate any style of clothing you see celebrities wearing. Remind them that, in addition, the basic function of the clothing, which is to protect our bodies from the elements, another function of the clothing is to improve our beauty and dignity.

Instead of setting rules for teen clothing, you can consider providing guidance to help them make an appropriate choice of clothing styles and patterns. Some of the guidelines could be; Any style of clothing or design that does not improve a person’s dignity is inappropriate (eg, clothing that is too transparent, dresses or skirts too short or too tight and dresses, blouses or sweaters that have a very low division). If your children are well informed about what styles of clothing and designs are inadequate and also supported by a good home culture, they will be well armed to withstand peer pressure. Instead of giving up peer pressure, there will be fashion models for their peers.

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